With lots of time on our hands recently, it has been a great opportunity to catch up on all those films and series that we’ve been meaning to binge watch. ‘Pavarrotti’ directed by Ron Howard is an intimate documentary on the life of the great tenor, the ‘king of the high c’s, who transcended musical boundaries with his larger than life personality, kind heart and unforgettable voice. Even though he clearly had many internal demons, he comes across as a genuinely benevolent man who made it his responsibility to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. If he was still alive today I imagine he would be the first person to be helping his beloved Italians on the frontline. Amazing to think that the below rendition of ‘Nessum Dorma’ on the eve of the 1990 World Cup Final in Rome was un-rehearsed. You can see them half way through discussing who is going to sing next. Spine tingling.

We also enjoyed the BBC4 Nordic thriller ‘Twins’ starring Game of Thrones’ Kristofer Hivju who plays the part of both twin brothers. It is a slow burning drama which captures the breakdown of the family unit when an unexpected death occurs . With the backdrop of some incredible scenery, we were hooked by the performances and the subtilty of the script. It isn’t as dark as some other Scandi dramas but instead concentrates on the human wranglings of each character to great effect.

Social distancing and being ‘locked down’ has meant that production companies have abruptly had to stop filming. As a result we have seen many adverts this month focusing on homemade footage as brands unwaveringly continue to try to capture their consumer’s business. We’ve seen some heartwarming shorts highlighting the great British spirit. The message is clear. We are all in this together! It will be interesting to see how things develop for filmmaking in the near future - certainly nothing beats being in the same room as each other but slowly we are being forced to learn how to work creatively from wherever we are.

Oli // OPM

Cadbury ‘This Doesn’t Need To End’

Yehezkel Raz - Behind Every Decision

Nike ‘Play For The World | You Can’t Stop Us’

Mychael Danna - The Streak

Samsung ‘Galaxy Buds+’

Bomba Estereo - Soy Yo (Bastian B Remix)

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