Following on from the Grammy’s last month, this year’s Brit Awards saw another young artist celebrated at the top of their game. I first saw Dave perform at Village Underground as the warm up to Bugzy Malone. He was so confident on stage and had a presence about him even then. Fast forward only 3 years, it is amazing to think that in such a short time, he has gone on to so eloquently address through his music the issues facing modern Britain at the moment. His live performance of ‘Black’ was incredible - his own flawless delivery, the Hans Zimmer led orchestra, the set design from Tawbox. Everything was on point. At times Dave seems too well managed but this seemed raw, real and considered.

The second instalment of ‘Make Noise’ hosted by Pitch & Sync took place on 19th Feb. The panel discussion was based around the conversation on diverse storytelling in film and involved amongst others two directors repped by Compulsory as well as their own EP Kadri Mahmoud. Kadri blew the crowd away speaking very articulately about diversity and gender equality in the industry. A producer in the crowd raised an excellent point about voting with your feet instead of listening to people who are preaching change and jumping on the bandwagon but who aren’t doing anything to implement anything. It’s important to be proactive to change the status quo.

It’s not often you work on a project that goes ‘viral’. Last week everyone who worked on ‘Be A Lady They Said’ were absolutely amazed by the response. It feels amazing to be part of something that resonates so much with people and to see it shared so many times on social media was very humbling. Huge credit must go to director Paul McLean for marrying the powerful words of Camille Rainville with the provocative visuals.

For the music, we wanted to capture the angry and pissed off tone of the narration without drawing attention away from what was being said. I think Louis did a great job on it giving the piece space to breath at first before marrying the sonic branding of Girls Girls Girls Magazine with a darker tone.

Till next month!

Oli // OPM

Coca Cola ‘Could I Be Wrong’

Slim Whitman - A Fool Such As I (Now And Then There’s)

O2 ‘Catch Some Stardust’

Tom Grennan - City Of Stars

M&S ‘Start A Denim Love Affair’

Donna Summer - I Feel Love

McDonalds ‘Grand Big Mac’

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