It’s been a great month getting to grips with starting a new company and continuing the relationships that I have built over the past two years. I have certainly learnt a lot from my recent experiences and am excited for what the future holds.

I’ll use this blog to keep you up to date with what has caught my eye over the past month - new music (and old classics!), new ads that have hit the screen and the jobs that I have most enjoyed. Be sure to check the OPM Linkedin page for daily updates.

It was also a great month for Billie Eilish. She seems to have managed to keep her unique personality whilst navigating the pitfalls of extreme fame. If you haven’t seen her Carpool Karaoke it’s a must watch if only to see how relaxed she is in front of the camera and how humble she is about her life. It is refreshing to see a big star being herself and not pandering to what everyone else is doing around her. I think that is why people can relate to her so much on a human level. Her brother said it best when accepting one of her many Grammy awards, “this is to all of the kids making music in their bedrooms today. You are gonna get one of these”. Super inspiring to young musicians around the world.

Although I wasn’t blown away by 1917, the score was fantastic. The scene with the flares was incredible. Completely haunting and showing the true other worldness of war at its most brutal level. It’s accompanied by an amazing piece of music which perfectly captures the emotions going through the soldier’s body. The sheer relief and ecstasy of being alive mixed with the sense of dread of what is round the corner. You can read more about how the scene was shot here and click here to listen to ‘The Night Window’.

I’ve also got to mention the superbowl performance by J.Lo, Shakira, J.Balvin and Bad Bunny. Latin music has really exploded in the last few years and it was great to see this recognised in Miami on such a big stage. Also J.Lo is 50!!!

Finally released last week was ‘Inspiring New Ways’ for the South Africa Tourism board. Shot by David Hayes in September, I loved helping to realise his vision for the music and capture the energy and spirit of the project. The resulting bespoke composition is amazing - great work from Joe Munday who produced the track and Nonku Phiri who wrote and sung the lyrics. It’s a film that I have been looking forward to coming out for a long time.

Till next month! Here are some ads to keep you entertained..

Oli // OPM

Virgin Media ‘Seal Of Approval’

The Pirouettes - Dernier Metro

Audi ‘Tilted World’

Nebbra ft. The Great Escape - A Little Less Conversation

Nasty Gal ‘Working 9-5’

January 2020 Spotify Playlist