New year new start! Not this year unfortunately. It seems like 2021 has started off in the same fashion as last year. Not much positive news around. Sporadic work opportunities. Jobs being postponed or cancelled due to covid travel restrictions.

Still, it’s important to be positive and celebrate the Ws that come your way. We loved doing the sound design for the latest instalment of The Northface x Gucci films. It was a big deal for everyone involved and we smashed it. Congrats to both brands for putting creativity at the forefront of the campaign, bringing together an amazing cast + production team. The clothes were modelled by Flock Together, a club combating the underrepresentation of black, brown and other people of colour (POC) in nature. It would have been so easy to roll out a bland series of content but this felt current, significant and well thought out. Watch out for the 90” directors cut version which we particularly enjoyed working on.

Although January has been a bit of a let down, on the music side we’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the new releases keeping us busy. New releases from Bicep, TSHA, Four Tet & Pa Salieu have been on heavy rotation. Bicep in particular have really gone from strength to strength, putting out an amazing album and continuing to innovate their live performances. I remember seeing them on the under card at Oval Space a few years back. Crazy to think they almost got a number 1 album with the release of Isles last week.

Their debut live streamed show was broadcast over 5 different timezones and watched by people in over 70 different countries. Hats off to the team at This Is Music for making it possible and allowing the fans to dance in their living rooms whilst the sweaty dancefloor is on hiatus.

It’s been great connecting with so many new composers, labels and potential interns in the past month. With the lockdown seemingly never ending, new connections have to be made somehow and we really welcome expanding our network. In the past week alone I’ve spoken to two composers in particular who I think would work well with the briefs that we get in. If not direct syncs, we’ve also started working more with production libraries, supplying music for their needs. This is an area we’d like to definitely like to expand and with content creation at an all time high, libraries are always in need of continuing to keep their catalogue fresh and current. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of these areas of music supervision.

Oli / OPM

Hugo Boss ‘Spring Summer 2021’

Jimmy Whoo & Chilly Gonzales - Blue Orange Green

Adidas Originals ‘CNY 2021’

Unknown track

Hyundai ‘Santa Fe’

Enya - Orinoco Flow