It’s been a manic few months with the relaxing of covid restrictions leading to more and more content being produced. We’ve enjoyed working with new clients particularly on the long-form side and have taken on some exciting challenges. Looking forward to when these are released and can be enjoyed.

We had the pleasure of working with Rollo Jackson again on his McDonald’s TV spot for McCafe. Having previously worked together on Vevo’s Still Storch documentary and this Ballantines ad featuring DJ Rap, Rollo’s work is always cheeky and down to earth. Entitled ‘Kerching’, the theme of the ad was money so it was a particularly fun & rewarding (!) search. Originally centering on hip-hop and rap and then broadening out, there were so many great tracks on our suggested playlists. One of our favourites was this classy cover by Simply Red. A great mix of nostalgia, exuberance and in keeping with the humour of the brand. The track that the agency loved from the start ended up being the winner though - it’s super recognisable and felt like the perfect fit. Hats off to agency Leo Burnett for going with it - there were certainly ‘safer’ options on the table.

With the groundhog day feeling still lingering, it was great to enjoy the wackiness of the 2021 Eurovision song contest held over the weekend. Each performance really felt like you were travelling to the particular country. We’ve definitely been starved of experiencing other cultures in every area of life over the past year - none more so than music. We particularly loved the performances by Lithuania (Purple Disco Machine vibes), Slovenia (amazing!) and Russia (those visuals!). It was a shame that James Newman didn’t get any votes but it didn’t seem like the UK had put much effort into both his choice of song or the production. He took the news on the chin though. Good lad. I think either France & Italy would have been worthy winners - so hard to separate their entries - both so catchy and in their own way so full of verve and energy. I’ve shared them both below for you to make your own mind up. Voila!

Oli // OPM

Wrigleys ‘For When It’s Time’

Celine Dion - It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Guiness ‘Welcome Back’

Jack Savoretti - Always On My Mind

Chelsea FC ‘2021/22 Nike Home Kit’

The Zombies - Time Of The Season

May 2021 Spotify Playlist